Web Maintenance

What does Web Maintenance provide?

Web Maintenance allows you to have your website updated over time. It's important not to let your website or the content become 'stale'. Websites that have become stale offer no new information to your visitors giving them no reason to go back to your website.

Search Engines (such as Google) also check to see if you update your website to help determine where to rank your wesite on their search results. Websites that have been updated show the search engines that the website is active and the information is still relevant.

IMPORTANT! Without Web Maintenance you risk falling further down in the search results.

The Internet is Constantly Changing

Web standards are updated and web browsers (like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc) are also updating. New ways of coding are introduced and old, inefficient ways of coding are depreciated. Without Web Maintenance you may find that your website doesn't function as it use to.

Many people think that can update and maintain their own website, but in reality it takes more work then they realize. Updates are then put off or avoided cause it just becomes too much of a hassle and takes way too long. Mistakes are often made and never realized which will hurt the performance of the website.

The Right Professional for the Right Job

If you want to build onto your house, you hire a contractor, if you need your pipes looked at you hire a plumber, and if your tooth is bothering you, you go to a dentist. And if you need your website updated, you should want a professional web designer. Not only does the proper professional have the correct tools for the job, but they also have years of training and experience.

A Professional Web Designer will:

  • Keeps your website up to date.
  • Helps improve your Search Engine Ranking
  • Keep your website functioning properly on multiple platforms
  • Saves you time and frustration
  • Lets you spend your time on your own business, family, and friends.
  • Answering questions and doing web research for you
  • Add another professional to your team

Without Web Maintenance Service, websites can quickly become outdated and forgotten about.

Self Updating vs Maintenance

Some web design companies try and sell you templates for cheap and tell you that you can update your own website, but all they want is a quick sale. As a small business, Austad Productions unders why that offer looks appealing, but the reality is far different.

First, you get a website that looks like everyone elses and it looks cheap.

Second, you don't have a lot of flexibility with those templates (other than changing colors, graphics, and text).

Third, in order to be able to update your website yourself, you need to pay for that access and required to use there hosting service which is over priced and costly.

And Fourth, they provide little, if none, customer service which means you are on your own after they set you up. These companies just want to sell templates cheap (to lure you in), and then rob you with high monthly access and hosting fees. Austad Productions wants to work side-by-side with you as a team to help your business grow. That's why we offer low cost Web Hosting and a high level of customer service and web maintenance packages. Austad Productions doesn't a one time customer, but rather A Customer For Life!

Web Maintenance will:

  • Save you TIME
  • Save you HASSLE
  • Keep your website FRESH
  • Improve your SEARCH RESULTS
  • Improve your "STICKYNESS"

Additional Benefits:

  • Professional Designs.
  • Proper Usability and Navigation.
  • Creates Web Stickyness
  • Correct Web Standards.
  • Solid Coding.
  • Quick Downloading.
  • Optimization for Search Engines

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