Scanning & Converting to Digital

Memories May Last Forever, But Photographs Do Not

Over the course of time photographs get torn or scatched and eventually fade. Every photograph is a precious piece of memory doomed to fail over time. Children grow up, and loved ones are lost.

Austad Pro will put those memories to a DVD, have them reprinted, or even made into a DVD slideshow. Often what happens with old photographs is they get split-up among the children or one child stores it for safe keeping.

When that happens you are only able to share a small piece of your rich history with your children, or if people move away your past will become forgotten.

Keep your family history alive by digitizing old photographs and records.

Benefits of archiving photos and slides to CD or DVD

  • Stop the deterioration of your prints and slides and documents
  • Stop the color shift, fading, and loss of detail
  • Digitized photos and slides will not deteriorate

Additional Benefits

  • Organize your entire collection on CD or DVD
  • Easily share your entire collection
  • Easily locate and view your collection
  • Protect from fires, floods & other disasters by storing a copy at another location

Here's a $$$ Tip

To keep cost down, Austad Productions recommends you go through what you have and decide on what is worth saving. Being choosy will save you a ton of money and will speed up the turn around time.

Added VALUE! Not only will we digitize the files, but Austad Pro will also perform additional color corrections, exposure corrections, and minor touch-ups for FREE just so you will have the joy of seeing new life added to those old images.

Make a Project Out of it...

  • Has your collection been split up?
  • Do you wish you had a copy of your favorite picture of your grandmother?
  • Have your children never seen old pictures of family cause your older sibling has them all?

Well, here's your chance. Call your brothers, sisters, cousins, and others and tell them you are digitizing some of your old photos so you can share with them. Then, ask if they have any old photos that can be added to the group. By doing it this way you can split the cost and get your family history back at an affordable price.

What should I scan?

  • Family Documents
  • Old photographs while they are still in good condition
  • Old photographs if they are in bad condition (Stop the Deterioration NOW!)
  • Over-sized or large prints/paintings/photographs
  • Negatives
  • Slides
  • Your Memory
  • Your Past
  • Your Family Legacy!

Price List

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Items to Scan

  • Old Photographs
  • Family Documents
  • Large Prints/paintings
  • Slides and Negatives

More Reasons to go Digital

  • Save your past
  • Share with your family
  • Teach the next generation

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