Austad Productions is Restoring Memories

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Do you have a damage photo? Is it faded or torn? Is it scratched or bent or stained? No Problem.

Austad Productions professionally restores and repairs photographs no matter what the damage.

Every photograph is a precious piece of memory doomed to fail over time, but with Austad Pro's Photo-Restoration services, those moments can live on.

Imagine opening up a gift and finding your favorite photo in a frame, bright and vibrant and perfect. Now everyday you can remember and smile.

IMPORTANT! Your original will not be altered and it will be returned to you when finished.

What Can Be Fixed?

  • Repair scratches, creases and tears
  • Mold, dirt spots and stain removal
  • Piece back together torn photographs
  • Recreate missing sections
  • Remove pen and other marks
  • Correct color casts
  • Revive contrast/brightness in faded photos
  • Enhance detail, focus and sharpness
  • Scorched or fire damaged photos

Lots Of Old Photos?

If you have a lot of old photos, and many are in decent condition, Austad Productions can scan them, reprint them, archive them to DVD, or create a DVD Slideshow with music so you can share them easily with friends and family.

Getting each one restored fully gets expensive, but when Austad Pro Converts to Digital and archives your family history each photography will get color correction, exposure correction, and minor touch-ups to improve the quality.

Here's the Process

  • Decide which photo(s) needs fixing
  • Send it to Austad Productions
  • We will contact you before we start to confirm corrections and price
  • Austad Productions will email you a proof
  • You will receive back the original and any prints/dvds ordered
  • You will be impressed and want more fixed!!!

Price List

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Repair Packages

Getting it Done

  • Choose a Photo
  • Send it
  • Confirmation of strategy & price
  • Email proof for sign off
  • Receive original & fixed version

Get It Fixed

  • Scratches
  • Creases
  • Tears
  • Mold
  • Dirt
  • Spots
  • Stains
  • Stitch back torn pieces
  • Recreate missing sections
  • Remove pen and other marks
  • Correct color casts
  • Revive contrast/brightness
  • Enhance detail
  • Enhance focus
  • Enhance sharpness
  • Scorched or fire damage

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